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Staining –

A lot of manufacturers of stain products have developed products over the years that have worked well on conventional homes and wood. When these standard stain products are used on Log Homes they do not perform well and often times fade, crack, and fail after only a year. The difference from logs to wood begins with in all four seasons of the year the upper curvature of the round log suffers sunlight exposure at a 90 degree angle. On conventional wood the exposure is always at a fairly shallow angle. Because of the sun exposure at a 90 degree angle it does direct and extensive damage to the surface wood cells. This makes the wood unsound and unsuitable for most stains or sealants. The direct impact of sunlight on the upper shelf of the logs causes them to be much hotter than conventional wood at a shallow sun angle. Temperatures as high as 180 degrees have been recorded with an infrared thermometer on direct southern exposed walls.

The high temperature effect leads to greater expansion and contraction of the logs. This puts more surface and mechanical stress on the logs and stain. Furthermore, this heat effect causes moisture close to the log surface underneath whatever sub-standard stain coating may be present to much more forcefully release from the wood than if it were not raised to such a high temperature. This leads to earlier and greater failure of sub standard stains. All of these reasons are why Paul Bunyan Construction uses only Sashco stains on every home that they restore.

The Sashco Company has been in business for over 70 years and their products are specially designed for use on log homes with their unique challenges. Paul Bunyan Construction has had zero failures to date on all log home staining, chinking, & restoration projects.